1 (1) 2-0-01.000W22343.81262.76
Division 1: Summit
1 (1) 2-0-01.000W22343.81262.76
2 (6) +41-1-0.500W11294.62284.87
3 (5) -21-1-0.500L14299.69310.06
4 (7) +21-1-0.500W19291.98277.98
5 (8) +31-1-0.500W13286.76311.78
6 (10) -51-1-0.500L110260.77288.50
7 (14) -10-2-0.000L26235.20278.16
Division 2: Highlands
1 (2) +22-0-01.000W212340.88287.37
2 (3) -12-0-01.000W213317.98280.98
3 (4) +32-0-01.000W211285.22256.96
4 (9) -31-1-0.500L17282.45307.94
5 (11) -30-2-0.000L25280.14304.15
6 (12) 0-2-0.000L214264.62296.20
7 (13) +10-2-0.000L28258.72295.13
* Rank change shown is from week 1 - 2

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League Player News

  • 9/19, 9:11 pm
    • Murray made both of his extra...

      Murray made both of his extra point attempts in Thursday's 56-14 loss to the Falcons.

      Analysis: A putrid season for the Buccaneers offense continues to hinder Murray's utility. As long as he is attached to Tampa Bay's underwhelming unit, he will remain one of the least useful kickers in all fantasy formats.

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  • 9/19, 9:09 pm
    • Stocker converted his only target of...

      Stocker converted his only target of Thursday's loss to the Falcons, recording one catch for eight yards.

      Analysis: Stocker has caught all three of his targets this season, tallying 23 yards across three games against the Panthers, Rams and Falcons.

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  • 9/19, 9:07 pm
    • Lane was shut out of the...

      Lane was shut out of the Buc's 56-14 loss to the Falcons on Thursday, as he received neither a carry or a target in the passing game.

      Analysis: Lane had a 54-yard carry in Tampa's first game of the season, but has followed that up with one catch for three yards between his last two outings.

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  • 9/19, 9:03 pm
    • Owusu was not targeted in the...

      Owusu was not targeted in the Bucs' 56-14 loss to the Falcons on Thursday.

      Analysis: After starting the season with a 19-yard touchdown reception in Week 1 against Carolina, Owusu has been a non-factor for two consecutive weeks.

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  • 9/19, 7:45 pm
    • McCown will have a second opinion...

      McCown will have a second opinion on his thumb and the Bucs may be without his services for an extended period, Fox Sports reports.

      Analysis: The second opinion will include an MRI, as the Bucs fear that McCown may have suffered ligament damage during Friday's game. Mike Glennon will take over at quarterback in McCown's absence, while the expectation is that McCown will miss the Week 4 game against Pittsburgh, if not longer depending on what the test reveals.

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