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What is Fantasy
Tools that help you start your best lineup and improve your fantasy team.
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Full year of in-app tools.
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Best Available
Find Playoff Gems
Identify the best available free agents and players in the waiver wire with the Best Available tool.
How Best Available Works
See the point difference a player would make as a starter or bench piece.
Projects future matchups and shows if adding a player means more wins.
Allows you to find players that help you now, in future weeks, rest of season or playoffs.
Lineup View
Stop Wasting Waiver Priority
Lineup View is a waiver tool in the Players section that shows potential starters. It displays your optimal lineup, including where a waiver player is better than one of your starters.
How Lineup View Works
Recommends players that can bring instant value to your starting lineup or bench.
See all the players out there who can cover any holes in your lineup.
No suggestion means you have the best guy at that position.
Auto-Swap Inactives
Avoid Last Minute Inactives
Players miss games due to injury or other reasons. These players become “Inactive” and can’t score you points. Auto-Swap Inactives is a roster tool that only swaps out players projected to score zero points. It never touches anyone else on your roster.
How Auto-Swap Inactives Works
Instantly benches players projected to score zero points.
Has a “Backups” list of your bench players you set the order you want them subbed in.
Starts the top ranked player in your Backups list.
Start Your Best Lineup
Auto-Optimize tool starts your optimal lineup based on projected points. Starts your highest projected lineup week in and week out.
How Auto-Optimize Works
Automatically starts the players projected to score the most points.
When projections update, so does your lineup.
Receive detailed notifications when your lineup is optimized.
Adaptive Draft Rank
Dominate the draft
Get an edge while drafting and use the Adaptive Draft Rank tool to dominate your draft. Adaptive Draft Rank assesses your roster and recommends the best player for your needs.
How Adaptive Draft Rank Works
Recommends the best available players by how much they are projected to outscore other players at their position.
Adaptive Rank updates after every pick to give you the best possible recommendation.
Recommends players based on projected points, position scarcity, current players drafted and current roster open spots.
Trade Machine
Trade Like a Champion
The Trade Machine tool analyzes every team in your league and proposes the best possible trades for your roster. Evaluate trades that can improve your team for the rest of the season.
How Trade Machine Works
Evaluates how the trade makes a difference in your roster based on an overall trade rating.
Recommends realistic trades that are fair for both teams.
Uses bench players as trade pieces to improve other positions.
Manage Multiple Leagues
Have all the roster tools at your disposal and manage all your leagues from a central location. Dashboard is the All-In-One tool and roster assistant.
How Dashboard Works
Use the Best Available tool to pick up players on waivers straight from the dashboard.
Use Lineup Assistant to manage all your rosters.
Trade Machine recommends trades based on holes in your lineup.
What you get
Compare free and paid features to see how Fantasy+ takes your game to the next level.
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Help improving your roster
Compare Players
Top Free Agents
Waiver Report
Player Search
Custom Best Available list
Lineup View
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Rest of Season points difference
Starter points difference
Bench points difference
Adaptive Draft Rank
Trade Machine
Fantasy+ Dashboard
Help setting a starting lineup
Auto-Swap Inactives
Backup List
Is my first payment pro-rated?
No. Your payment gets you one year's worth of Fantasy+ usage.
When does my subscription end?
All subscriptions renew 365 days after purchase.
Can I use Fantasy+ on my laptop?
All Fantasy+ features are available in the NFL Fantasy iOS and Android mobile and tablet apps. Adaptive Rank is available in all live drafts, including on browser.
Can I use Fantasy+ on other apps?
No. Fantasy+ is only integrated on Fantasy leagues. This product will not work with Yahoo!, ESPN or other host sites.